The Meat of the Operation

Publican Quality Meats is a whole animal butcher shop and deli, aptly located in Chicago’s meatpacking district. We strive for quality in all facets—from the products we offer, to the service we provide—we take pride in sourcing from local organic farms and the most credited suppliers.  

For special orders, please fill out the form below or call us directly at (312) 445-8977. 


We offer corn and grass fed beef from small local farms, and dry age bone-in cuts (Ribeye, Porterhouse, Strip) for an average of 60 days. We bring in whole steers, so some cuts in higher demand sell out quickly.  If you don't see something, please ask! We currently receive beef from Marcotte Farm, Meyer Ranch, Slagel Farm & Fox River Farm. 


With pork, we aim to highlight multiple heritage breeds from different farms. Like our cattle, we bring in whole animals and many cuts while not in the case are often available. We receive pork from Faith’s Farm, Hometown Sausage, Slagel Family Farm, Triple S Farm and Catalpa Grove.


We get our lambs in whole from Catalpa Grove Farm, and age them to concentrate flavor and improve the texture. We generally have lamb legs available. Other popular cuts like rack of lamb and Porterhouse chops are often available, but do sell out quickly. 


We regularly offer chicken and duck, and always have Publican-marinated chickens on hand. We age our duck breasts with a touch of brandy to enhance their already rich flavor, and also carry various game birds such as guinea hens and quail in our freezer case.


We make all of our sausage in-house from scratch. The list of offerings vary, but we generally have the following on-hand: Cotechino, Freedom Sausage, Mettwurst, Spanish Chorizo, Mexican Chorizo, Boudin Noir (Blood Sausage), Mettwurst, Lamb Sausage, Toulouse, Boudin Blanc and Maple Breakfast.


Our charcuterie program continuously evolves, however the following items are readily available: Salumi, Pate, Terrine, Gallantine, Deli Meats, Confit, Rillette, Ham, Bacon and Meat Pie.


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Please note, your order is not confirmed until you receive a confirmation phone call from one of our friendly butchers.