Antique Beef

Wednesday, October 30th | 6:00-9:00pm

Join us for an evening where we will celebrate antique beef. Chef/Head Butcher Rob Levitt will be breaking down a six-year-old dairy cow brought in by Michigan-based, Old World Farm. This vintage beef has gained popularity in the butchering community for its distinct flavor profile and limited accessibility. Levitt brings together the One Off Chef family to create curated bites and conversations.

Rob will be leading a live demo at which he will discuss the benefits and differentiators of aged beef. Old World Farm leader Eric Shevshenko will also be on-site to share details about his extensive experience and knowledge on these animals and why they create such a distinct, flavorful beef.

Participating Chef team:

Rob Levitt, Publican Quality Meats

Sieger Bayer, The Publican

Ryan Pfeiffer, Blackbird

AJ Walker, Café Cancale

Ryan Piotrowski, Dove's Luncheonette

Joe Flamm, Top Chef Season 15 Winner